Sustainability-related gamified design science approaches for successful value creation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Flora PoeczeA Min Tjoa

Abstract: The use of gamified designs has been gaining exponential research interest during the last decade, centered around user-centric designs aiming to persuade individuals to a successful individual behavioral change. In the focus of scientific interest are those, which lead to a maintained behavioral change led by intrinsic motivation. Such designs are at the center of attention in diverse sustainability-related topics as well (e.g., education, crowdsourcing, healthcare, individual wellbeing, eco-friendly behaviors, etc.). A focal point of such approaches lies in their rigorous conceptualization, for which design science offers detailed guidelines, resulting in successful artifacts, generated to deliver tailored solutions for users, providing value creation. The present paper aims to investigate, in what types of sustainability-related contexts are gamified approaches proposed as design science artifacts for successful value reaction. The goal of the paper is to identify and explore these research areas and hand a holistic overview about promising and innovative, applied approaches, conducted as design science artifacts. This goal is reached through a narrative synthesis method, searching and selecting papers at Scopus, Web of Science, and ACM Digital Library as databases, following the PRISMA 2020 Guidelines, interpreting N = 14 records. The results of this study deliver a structured summary about successfully gamified design science artifacts centered around value creation in pro-sustainability areas, offering a snapshot of the present standing of research in this applied domain of interest

Keywords: sustainability, gamification, design science, DS, DSRM

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002580

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