Combining digital and physical user interfaces – concept of a self-service system for exhibitions

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Christian ZagelMatthia Leyendecker

Abstract: Digitization is finding its way into many different areas and applications, including exhibitions and museums. While until a few decades ago the information presented was purely restricted to physical elements, self-service systems are now increasingly applied in exhibitions. They allow the visitors to enhance their experience by obtaining additional digital information. Usually, these self-service systems are implemented using standard computers, equipped either with a keyboard or a touchscreen. Nevertheless, the added value of interacting with physical elements in our environment is undeniable. This article presents work in progress and describes the concept and prototype of a novel system that cleverly combines digital information with the interaction through physical elements using innovative technology. The aim is to design an interactive exhibition for museums that combines the traditional, physical user interface with the digital version and thus creates a mixture of both worlds. Using the example of a physical city map, the system offers visitors the opportunity to interact by touch and wooden cubes equipped with NFC tags. The article concludes with an outlook for an evaluation of the prototype and recommendations for further research.

Keywords: Human Computer Interaction, Art, User Experience Design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002586

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