User Experience of Social Web-based Virtual Reality for the Hybrid and Blended Learning Classroom

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Laura Huisinga

Abstract: The use of social webVR for a classroom can offer a collaborative real-time environment that bridges the gap between virtual video conferences and gaming platforms. This paper examines how to use social webVR in a virtual classroom. It addresses some of the unique UX challenges of designing for a social VR classroom space. Finally, it will address access to the virtual environment through multiple devices, including an Oculus HMD, laptop, tablet, and smartphone. Social web-based VR offers promising potential. Designing a human-centered virtual environment and considering all participants' total user experience is critical to a successful learning tool. Future virtual environments could replace the physical classroom in some cases. This paper is not about replacing the physical classroom experience but how social VR can add to the experience in a hybrid or blended learning environment where students are not always in a physical classroom 100% of the time.

Keywords: VR, Social VR, virtual classrooms, blended learning, hybrid classroom

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002541

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