Analysis of the use of houses on the T-plan to shape the plans of community housing complexes with low development intensity

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Alicja Maciejko

Abstract: The article presents the idea of low-intensity residential development with the use of single-story T-plan apartments with a built-up area of 70 - 80 m2, combined into multi-family layouts, containing up to several dozen apartments individually accessible from the ground level. Housing estates can be formed both regularly and freely, because the various and unusual layouts possible to arrange result from the idea of the house plan itself, which can be connected with each other on four sides. The idea is presented against the background of the standards that apply in the planning of social housing and refugee settlements using the method of comparative analysis. Due to the production technology of repetitive dwelling units that can be combined into elaborate individual arrangements, T-plan housing estates are a solution in which, in addition to economic parameters, important issues of aesthetics, ergonomics, sustainability, individualization and psychological aspects of living are taken into account while meeting the demands of sustainable development. These solutions may also become an alternative to monotonous regular terraced housing, commonly used nowadays.

Keywords: sustainable housing, single-family flats, multi-family flats, housing ergonomics, housing psychology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002808

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