Critical Success Factors for the diffusion of Artificial Intelligence in the Nigerian Construction Industry

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Patience Tunji-olayeniClinton AigbavboaAyodeji Oke

Abstract: Adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the construction industry can improve construction processes, enhance competitiveness and boost the overall performance of the industry. However, the use of AI in the construction industry particularly in developing countries such as Nigeria is limited. This study examined the critical success factors for the diffusion of AI in the Nigerian construction industry. The study adopted a quantitative research design with the use of a questionnaire to elicit information from construction professionals in Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Data from the survey were analyzed with appropriate descriptive and inferential statistical tools. The study shows that institutional factors, behavioral factors, and cost factors were the most critical success factors for the diffusion of AI in Nigerian construction. Other factors included knowledge factors, infrastructure factors, technical factors, and trust factors. The study offers some insights into the critical success factors for the diffusion of AI in a developing country such as Nigeria.

Keywords: 4th industrial revolution, construction automation, institutional theory, project performance, theory of planned behaviour

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002810

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