Ergonomic and Design Research of the Auxiliary Furnishings in High School of Education in the City of Varna

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Authors: Darina DobrevaTihomir DovramadjievTsena MurzovaMomchil TachevIliya IlievKremena CankovaGinka JechevaMariana MurzovaGalina Staneva

Abstract: Ergonomic workplace factors and furniture design have a significant impact on labor productivity during the active learning process of students at high school stage of education. In the most general sense, design is taken as concept of aestheticizing of man-made products. But it can also be seen as a means of improving the qua- lity of life of a person and reducing his psychophysiological and emotional burden as a result of his activities. Ergonomics, as a science, is closely related to design and it supports the formation of a harmonious subject environment that meets the men’s material and spiritual needs. In this sense, the emphasis is mainly on the structural connection between the objects, which lead to functional and compositional unity in the human-object-work environment system. In the present report, an ergonomic and design study of auxiliary furniture in the junior high school of education in the territory of Varna, Bulgaria has been made.

Keywords: Design, Ergonomics, Auxiliary furniture, School environment, School students, Anthropometry

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002813

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