How virtual reality can help address and prevent bullying and cyberbullying?

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Authors: Hugo Arias-FloresAlexandra Bermeo

Abstract: In the last decade, technologies have made it possible to address different fields of research. Virtual reality is being used as a tool to study different processes, including bullying and cyberbullying. Applied virtual reality research as a methodology to combat bullying and cyberbullying in the learning environment presents challenges when searching for and incorporating adequate pedagogical strategies. The development must include multidisciplinary teams that focus on their field of specialization, to achieve the stated objectives. This article aims to analyze the research related to the application of virtual reality as a strategy to combat bullying and cyberbullying. Published works addressing virtual reality and bullying were identified. The selection was made in the period 2015-2021 and 50 papers published in this field were obtained.

Keywords: virtual reality

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002718

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