Evaluation of usability and accesibility of the interactive tool for psychopedagogical recovery "Titiapp"

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Andrés CaicedoJacqueline Gordón

Abstract: The present study aims to establish an evaluation of the interactive tool for psychopedagogical recovery “Titiapp” based on usability and accessibility metrics, as well as to collect impressions from the user's point of view in order to establish their experience in the process of interaction with the tool. For this purpose, a methodology that consists of a series of techniques is applied; starting with the analysis of similarities to determine differentiating elements, accessibility and usability evaluations that present a first approach to the tool, and finally, the collection of the user's experience in their interaction with the application, triangulated with other techniques such as the interview and the evaluative focus group. This allows extracting valuable information to establish recommendations that promote the improvement of the tool from the perspectives of efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction.

Keywords: Usability, accessibility, user experience, evaluation methods, interactive educacional applications.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002720

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