E-commerce product image design - An example of Shopee

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Authors: Yu Chun LiuChiung Fen Wang

Abstract: Global e-commerce emergence renovates retail marketing regional limitation. It accelerated competition turning white-hot. Epidemic enhance e-commerce output value substantially. Strong developments of related needs such as sales courses and store visual design reveals. Regardless of the size of the brand, they have invested resources in the field of e-commerce. Now it’s a main generation of e-shopping. Shopee from Singapore settles into Taiwan market and occupies an important place. E-commerce develops rapidly and fiercely adapting the market. In the competition, Product price, visual design, quality and service are all important determining factors of brand loyalty from buyers. In the area of visual communication design, designer assemble and arrange texts and pictures according brand style from store owner requirement and then promote to different selling platform. Visual design refers to the design of the correct information to communicate with aesthetics. E-commerce product pages as a medium present product to consumers. It’s very important how to stand out from many similar product pages to attract more buyers. The era of e-commerce, the demand of aesthetics raises continuously. Designers take the contradicting responsibility between commercial functionality and aesthetics.Online shopping has become a trend. Consumers of all ages in Taiwan have experience shopping online. This article mainly discusses the product image design of Shopee shopping. The research subjects are consumers who have used online shopping through questionnaire. The research analyzed the newly designed product images with statistical data and observed whether to increase buyers' attention and arouse positive emotions. Since this study, there are 60 snowball-type collection recipients, of which 66.7% are female and 33.3% are male. It’s probably 18-20 years old, including 65% college students, 30% high school students. There are 91.7% of the subjects have used Shopee online shopping platform, and the rest are Pchome and Momo. The frequency of online shopping is about 1-3 times a month. The questionnaire processed as follows. First show buyers the store page that has been placed in the new design of this study. There are 10 products of the same brand on this page. The stimuli design strategy for this study is as follows. Because the product is skII, there is a lot of red on the image. Therefore, the design uses the complementary color green as the background color attempting to attract the attention of consumers. Green has the image of nature and youth.SK-ll lotion extracts are definitely natural products. It expresses pure and natural ingredients by green. It hopes users could keep youth and beauty forever.Research results shown, 27 out of 60 subjects were immediately attracted by the new design. Following are the results found in this study. Because the background color occupies most of the area of the image, the "outstanding background color" is chose as the design strategy, such as different as present products, contrast color or complementary colors. It can catch the buyer's attention at the first time.

Keywords: E-commerce, visual design, user-centered design

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002708

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