Urban green network for the urban area of Milagro, Guayas, Ecuador

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Diego MaruriGabriela Vega

Abstract: Currently, a large part of the urban population resides in cities where there is little or almost no relationship between nature and the urban environment, which is a fundamental parameter for achieving quality of life for people. On the other hand, the disorderly and accelerated growth of informal settlements in search of different economic activities in recent years in the canton of Milagro, and the unbridled development of the sugar and cocoa agroindustry, has led to the deforestation of the native forest areas of the canton. The objective of this study is to promote the conservation and creation of new green areas in the urban area of Milagro by identifying and incorporating native tree species of the sector, which should be compatible with the ecosystems. In order to determine the needs of each sector, we identify and analyze the available useful green area surfaces, through the use of precision spatial geographic software that allows us to establish the exact areas of the territory under study and to relate them to the current population to arrive at the analysis of the urban green area index (U.G.I.), with the aim of establishing the urban green area index (U.G.I.), in order to create new spaces of green areas, with the result of increasing the index of urban green area within the parameters established by the Ministry of Public Health of Ecuador (M.P.H.), and establish a strategic planning as a consolidated axis for the city based on green concepts linked to sustainable land use planning.

Keywords: Urban green index, sustainable urban planning, public space, green area.

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002727

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