Factors Affecting Customer Stickiness and Interface Design of Online Bookstores

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chiung Fen WangPei En YangYu Chun Liu

Abstract: Online shopping platforms with high commodity homogeneity, such as online bookstores, rely on the assistance of user interface designs to differentiate themselves from other merchants. By comparing the user interface designs of different online bookstores, this study concluded that the operational process and interface design elements are required for a good shopping experience from the perspective of consumers. The research studied the similarities and differences of the user interfaces of the top five online bookstores in the Taiwan market through content analysis and investigated factors of user interface that influence customer stickiness and satisfaction from the consumers’ perspective through a questionnaire survey. The research results found that the design of the field and navigation bar in the interface design was the main factor affecting customer stickiness and satisfaction with the website. It is expected that the proposed specific user interface design suggestions can assist stores or platforms with high commodity homogeneity, such as online bookstores, to create successful market segmentation and improve customer stickiness to their platform.

Keywords: user interface, stickiness, online bookstores

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002730

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