Smart Transportation Development: Success Strategy in China, United States, United Kingdom, and India

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Authors: Wiyono WiyonoAchmad Nurmandi

Abstract: This study aims to analyze the development of “Smart Transportation” countries, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, and India. The country was chosen considering the high number of “Smart Transportation” research and the success of good transportation management. This study uses a qualitative data software analysis (QDSA) approach. The data source of this research uses 277 Scopus database articles that focus on "Smart Transportation" research. The research data search phase uses the keyword "Smart Transportation" from 2011-2022. Analysis of the research data using software tools VosViewer and NvivoPlus12 to visualize data based on cluster co-citation, and co-occurrence network. The results show that four countries have a "Smart Transportation" development strategy that focuses on planning, management, and security aspects. The planning aspect focuses on transportation planning, urban planning, and smart urban planning. Then the management aspect focuses on the management of transportation data, big data, and data management. Lastly, the transportation security aspect focuses on developing network security, management security systems, and technical security. The development of “Smart Transportation” in four countries has a different approach strategy. China is focused on developing transportation data management, big data, transportation planning, and focusing on security. The United States focuses on management and security, not on transportation development. The UK has in common with the United States which does not have a focus on developing transportation management and security, but has a focus on making transportation planning. The focus of transportation development in India has similarities with China, namely data management and transportation planning. So India does not focus on developing transportation on security. The development of Smart Transportation in countries in the world pays attention to management factors and aspects of sustainability in its development. Transportation security is an important part in the development of transportation in every country.

Keywords: Smart Transportation, Development, Strategy, Security

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002731

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