A shared service model for the elderly based on the concept of distributed economies (DE)

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Shuang LiangMin ZhouStefano FollesaPeian Yao

Abstract: Population ageing and urbanisation are two major global trends. With ongoing rapid urbanisation and the global population's shift toward an older age structure, older people need to be given significant consideration in community building. Community home-based care has become the choice of most elderly people. The elderly can be regarded as a valuable community resource. According to the current problems faced by the elderly and community residents, this paper proposes a new shared service model based on the theory of service design and distributed economy. In this model, elderly people can open up free space in their homes as a club, mini library, etc., where community residents can share resources, experiences or interests with others. The aim is to help the elderly participate in community activities and create value for the community. This model helps improve the well-being of older people and the sense of belonging of community residents.

Keywords: service design, the elderly, distributed economies

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002749

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