User Emotional Experience Assessment Method of Product's Intentional Sound

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Yuzhun HuangMiaodi HuJun Zhang

Abstract: Product sound plays an important role in the multi-sensory user experience of home appliances. The sound effects that are given meaning by designers (intentional sounds) in home appliances have three contributions to the user experience: semantic conformity to make a satisfactory contribution to the overall product experience; brand impression; and bringing pleasantness and emotional experience. Based on the three aspects of the impact of intentional sounds on product experience, combined with the Semantic Differential method in the field of Kansei engineering and the Hevner adjective table commonly used in music sentiment analysis, this research will design a set of intentional sound evaluation methods from the perspective of user experience.

Keywords: Intentional Sounds, Kitchen Appliances, Product User Experience, Emotional Assessment

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002750

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