Intelligent interactive accompaniment ecosystem using parameterizable tools to raise awareness among people who interact in the field of inclusion.

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Luis Serpa-AndradeRoberto Garcia'Velez

Abstract: The proposed ecosystem will make it possible to sensitize people who are involved in the field of inclusion, it is intended to generate parameterizable tools to measure behavioral variables in the environment of visual, motor and hearing disability and be able to present the same procedure to generate scenarios awareness. We have considered that from the introspection of abilities and skills presented in specific case studies of hearing, visual and motor disability we can study the behavior of the group of people involved with the child and through the proposed ecosystem obtain guidelines that allow to improve and build a path to the meaningful realization of the children in the case study; The sensitization environment will also be presented in the institutions that work with children with these disabilities in order to generate procedures around the capacities present in the case studies.

Keywords: ecosystem, sensitize, parameterizable tools, disability, accompaniment ecosystem

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002766

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