The use of multi-sensory technological tools as a motivation contribution for children with intellectual disabilities

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Authors: Richard Paccha - LapoLuis Serpa-AndradeAndres Viscaino - QuitoRoberto Garcia'Velez

Abstract: The use of a multisensory tool through an adapted technological App is a proposal to work with a group of students who have unique personal characteristics but all with intellectual disabilities and who study in a Specialized Education Center; whose purpose is to improve motivation, by carrying out certain activities related to their learning, combating adverse effects that sometimes lead to a monotonous or traditional job. This research is quantitative. We started from a diagnosis for which we used observation logs, interviews with Teachers, and a survey of Legal Representatives, to determine the types of activities or games that motivate students; as well as the use and implementation of technology means that promote learning; which allowed the design of the respective App with its subsequent validation of the same by expert professionals and based on the results obtained by the intervention achieved in our sample population, denote that the use of this technological tool has positively influenced in achieving motivation in our students about the proposed activities. And that the use of this proposal can become very significant in its use in People with Intellectual Disabilities, since technology is global, our students can also benefit from it

Keywords: Technological tool, App, Motivation, Intellectual disability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002767

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