Promotional Strategies of Local Governments in Improving Tourists’ Post Pandemic Experience: Case Study in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Authors: Wafie AnisahFilosa Gita Sukmono

Abstract: This study aims to find out how to manage the official Twitter social media account of the Indonesian local government after the pandemic. Twitter has become an important part of the government’s social media, one of which is an effective tourism industry promotion medium. This condition is supported by Indonesian social media users reaching 170 million of the total population. Therefore, the authors to look at how social media work for the Yogyakarta City Government, creating tourism industry promotion after the COVID-19 pandemic. This study used a Qualitative Data Analysis Software approach, with NvivoPlus 12 as the data analysis tool. The source of this research data came from @humas_jogja, the official Twitter account of the Yogyakarta City Government. The findings of this study indicated that, first, social media worked well as a tourism industry promotion medium for Yogyakarta after the pandemic. Second, as a communication medium, the Yogyakarta City Government encourages people to be vaccinated before traveling to Yogyakarta. Third, as a medium for mitigation tourism industry, new adaptations are promoted through the health protocol campaign while traveling to Yogyakarta. Fourth, as an educational medium, @humas_jogja encourages history-based tourism industry for students. These findings are based the intensity of information submitted by the @humas_jogja account using the tagline of special areas as a characteristic of Yogyakarta.

Keywords: Tourism, Social Media, COVID-19, Local Government

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002769

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