Technical Requirements to Design a Personal Medical History Visualization Tool for Doctors

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Authors: Forhad HossainRafiqul IslamMostafa Taufiq AhmedAshir Ahmed

Abstract: A doctor needs to know the patients’ medical history to investigate the root cause of symptoms. Traditionally it is done by a questionnaire at the clinic’s reception desk, or the doctor asks a series of questions to obtain a relevant medical history. An incomplete or wrong medical history affects the doctor’s decision. The challenge for a busy doctor is to obtain all the relevant medical history in a short period of time accurately and without missing any important history. Affordable clinics employ an assistant or junior doctor to sort out all the paper-based medical history and mark the important points. It increases doctors’ work performance by saving doctors time and making room for consulting more patients. But not all the small clinics can afford such assistants. This paper lists the technical requirements to develop a personal medical history visualization tool to increase doctors’ productivity.

Keywords: Health Data Visualization, Visualization for Doctors, Lifelong Medical History, Digital Health, Portable Health Clinic

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002772

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