Comparative Analysis of Public Transportation Development in Developing and Developed Countries

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Authors: Irham MaulidaAchmad Nurmandi

Abstract: This study to analyze the development of Public Transportation in the application of smart cities in the United States, China, Italy, and Brazil. The result of public transportation services dramatically contributes to increase mobility, and safety, as well as having a positive impact in urban areas. This research method uses a qualitative approach to bibliometric analysis. The data source is taken from the Scopus and articles searched for the last ten years (2012-2021) using keywords smart city and public transportation. The data found, 293 articles, with the top four countries having the highest number of articles. United States by 41, China by 32, Italy by 23, and Brazil by 20. The data analysis technique in this study used the Nvivo12plus and Vosviwer. The study results there are three concept findings in the development of public transportation; mobility, policy, and connectivity. The four countries have different focuses on implementing public transportation. United States focuses on mobility, policy, and connectivity with indicators such as urban mobility, intelligent transportation management, and governance. China focuses on mobility and connectivity, smart urban mobility, criteria, infrastructure, economy, and the environment, China is not the policy concept. Italy and Brazil also focus on the idea of mobility and policy with indicators that focus on the progress of urban mobility analysis and efforts to improve the convenience of public transportation to increase demand. The concept of connectivity has not been a concern for Italy and Brazil. Within these four countries, the United States dominates the development of public transportation, because it has fulfilled the three concepts of public transportation, namely mobility, policy, and connectivity. It is hoped that from the analysis of the development of this research, the four countries can further improve technological advances based on the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) to make public transportation smarter.

Keywords: Keyword: Smart City, Public Transportation, Intelligent Transport System

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002774

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