Design of an Integrated Aero-Thermal Building

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Eusébio ConceiçãoJoão GomesMaria Inês ConceiçãoMaria Manuela LúcioHazim Awbi

Abstract: In this work a design of an integrated aero-thermal auditorium, with complex topology, is made for winter conditions. The three-dimensional geometry of the auditorium is obtained using cylindrical coordinates. Auditorium thermal response is obtained using the Building Thermal Response (BTR), an own research software. The numerical model is based on mass and energy balance equations, considering phenomena such as radiation, convection, conduction, evaporation and diffusion. The BTR, whether in a transient or permanent regime, allows the assessment, among others, of the level of thermal comfort and the indoor air quality (IAQ) in the auditorium. Here, the thermal comfort is assessed by the Predicted Mean Vote index and the IAQ is assessed by the concentration of dioxide carbon. The auditorium has windows on the east and west facades that allow the entry of solar radiation during the early morning and late afternoon, respectively. The maximum occupancy of 420 people was considered. The ventilation system airflow rate was adjusted to obtain the best compromise between the occupants' thermal comfort level and the IAQ level.

Keywords: Building Thermal Modelling · Human Thermal Response · thermal comfort in-door air quality

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002776

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