Team Formation and Operations Using Instinct

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Authors: Shuichi Fukuda

Abstract: Let us take soccer to describe this paper. Soccer games did not change much yesterday. So the formation stayed the same during the game and each player was expected to play his best at his own position. And managers were off the pitch and gave instructions verbally. In short, it was a tree structure. But today, games change from moment to moment, so tree does not work any more. We need to shift to network. But not only games come to change every minute, but the enemy is experiencing the same situation. We often complain about how the real world come to change frequently, extensively and in an unpredictable manner. But the real world does not chare what we will do. It changes as it likes. But the enemy in soccer does their best to betray us. They are trying to foresee what comes next in our operation. Thus, soccer teams are competitors. They are far more difficult to deal with. So, today, managers cannot be off the pitch anymore. They need to understand how the game is changing every minute. No delays are allowed. So, they become playing manager and they play on the pitch now. But it is a competition. So, we need to sense what move the enemy would take. It is very difficult even in one to one game such as boxing, etc. But when it is a competition between teams. the problem becomes more difficult. What becomes crucially important is proactiveness. This is important in one to one, but it becomes more important and difficult in team games. The players need not only to sense what the playing manager has on his mind and prepare for that, but they also need to sense what other players have on their mind. And they also must take into account what play the other player excels or prefers. And they need to consider the same issue about their enemy team. Such holistic perception is needed for being truly proactive. And soccer players today need to be truly pragmatic. Games do not necessarily change as they expect. So, in short, they are experiencing the world of no experience. Changes were smooth yesterday. So we could differentiate them and could predict the future.So, knowledge worked very well. But today, changes become sharp, so we cannot differentiate them. We cannot predict the future anymore. Thus, we have no other way than to go ahead by trial and error. We need to be pragmatic. But we must remember if the number of dimension becomes very large,we cannot solve the problem mathematically, as the curse of dimensions teaches us. Therefore, instinct emerges as a very effective tool. Instinct processes the world of never-experienced-before and it does not care how dimensions may be large. And its greatest advantage is it deals with the real world in real time. Such delays as seen in knowledge-based approaches can be avoided. Come to think, this is the world of business. Soccer is nothing but business.

Keywords: Team formation, Team Operations, Instinct, Real time, Holistic perception, Instinct support

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002780

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