3D virtual learning environments to reinforce stock market competences

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Authors: Voroshilov HernándezJanio Jadán-Guerrero

Abstract: One of the major interests of higher education institutions is the creation of transformative methods that favor the instructional process, where students participate in their academic training through the generation of dynamic and open areas of interaction. This study describes the development of a strategy to understand the stock market with the application of technological tools based on 3D virtual environments. These environments known as Metaverses are immersive platforms that create experiences in an extended reality. The strategy consisted of designing and building a virtual learning environment on the Second Life platform to strengthen students' stock market skills. The instructional design was developed with the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation) methodology focused on five themes: The world financial system, capital markets, products traded on the stock exchange, stock market indexes and famous cases in stock markets. The proposal was evaluated with 73 students of business administration career of a private university in Ecuador. According to the statistical information, 56% of the students have not used a metaverse before, 56% have not even practiced in real environments or simulators to learn the dynamics of the stock markets, 85% have not interacted with an avatar in cyberspace before, 78% consider the use of interactive spaces interesting, 79% were motivated to participate in 3D virtual environment strategies, 95% of students were engagement with active methodologies, 97% support the continuation of classes in the Second Life platform and 100% mention that it is necessary to create metaverses that allow them to interact and learn in a better way. The implementation of virtual worlds in e-learning platforms reinforces knowledge and management skills in the stock market

Keywords: Virtual environments, 3D learning, strategy, stock market, metaverse, extended reality

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002782

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