Designing intelligence amplification: a design canvas for practitioners

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jean Paul Sebastian PiestMaria Eugenia IacobMarcel Wouterse

Abstract: Designing, developing, and implementing applications based on the concepts of Intelligence Amplification (IA) is a complex process. Although some design theories are present in literature, to our best knowledge, no comprehensive IA design approach exists for practitioners. Based on action design research, an IA design canvas is developed and guiding design principles are derived in two iterations. The main contribution of this research is a comprehensive IA design approach, consisting of an IA design canvas and four guiding design principles. Evaluation of the IA design canvas in three concurrent design workshops with 25 participants representing, 14 organizations, provides empirical support that the proposed IA design approach can ease the design processes, especially during the emphasize, ideate, and conceptualize stages of design thinking. Generalization is however not possible. Future research can explore the broader use of the IA canvas for explanation, analysis, prediction, and quantification, and formalize the IA design approach in a design theory.

Keywords: intelligence amplification, design canvas, design process

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002714

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