Clinical and social well-being for older adults: a personalised product-service assignment based on user’s needs

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Agnese BrunziniManila CaragiuliAlessandra PapettiMichele Germani

Abstract: The numerousness of over-65 people in the EU-27 population will significantly increase by about 43% by 2050. The main issue is to help aging people stay healthy, active, and integrated into society. In this context, this work aims to develop a novel assistance model, for the elderly’ social and health care, based on a patient-oriented approach. The assistance model is provided through a software platform that integrates three different modules: i) frailty diagnosis and user-product/service matching, ii) users’ monitoring, data acquisition, and telemedicine, iii) organization and management of logistics. This paper focuses on the first module, showing the variables, the logics, and the necessary rules to realise the personalised product-service assignment, within the user-centred method.

Keywords: Product service platform, Active Ageing, Patient-centred approach, Elderly care, Frailty, Healthcare information technology

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002790

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