Sustainability of Craft Communities in the Cosmopolitan Localism

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Min ZhouShuang LiangGiuseppe LottiJiangang Zhu

Abstract: As human society transitions from an agricultural to an industrial and knowledge-based economy, the functions of craftsmanship and artisans is changing. This paper believes that craftsmanship is a narrative process in which each age leaves its imprint. It is critical to embrace external changes and respond to these challenges in order to form new craftsmanship. The research believes that the craft community either grows, declines, or even disappears due to its interaction with the external environment. We emphasize enhancing the resilience of the craft community to survive in the external changes by changing internal structure functions and connecting external resources to establish new economic activities.

Keywords: craft communities, community resilience, cosmopolitan localism, sustainability

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002798

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