How does the participatory design in the brand construction helps?

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Authors: Carlos Marcelo Borja-GaleasHugo Arias-Flores

Abstract: The brand is not just a logo, goes further, it is like the consumer internalizes the product or service. It is to look from coherence, consistency, perseverance, trust, content and reach the customer, these elements are the way for the construction of a brand. The corporate image is created from a cultural internalization of the company and becomes the identity that will be reflected towards the whole world, this design is born of the participation of the designer and the senior executives, who transform the ideas through the use of tools Innovative administration. The objective of this investigation is to generate the corporate identity manual through the use of Canvas, identifying the value proposition of the company. Through the use of a heuristic matrix, the value proposition and differentiators that the company have, added the iconic elements that represent them, together with the colors and typographies that together build the brand with its components: (1) , (2) Color and (3) typography. The participatory design of the actors at each stage, accelerates the brand construction and the results are integrated into the best corporate identity and resistance is avoided in their adoption.

Keywords: brand, logo, participatory design, canvas

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002800

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