The impact of digital transformation on corporate identity management

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Authors: Didzis RutitisEduards Aksjonenko

Abstract: Digital transformation concept has emerged as an essential concept within management sciences in recent considering the influence of pandemics on the way how companies provide service, arrange manufacturing, and perform business operations in general. This paper analyzes digital transformation in the context of management of corporate identity by highlighting possibilities of managing individual corporate identity dimensions considering the role and impact of digital transformation and competitive strategy formation. The newly developed framework is based on the synthesis of corporate identity and digital transformation conceptual frameworks. Literature review identifies gaps in how to accelerate and support small and medium enterprises (SME) in their path of digitalization and maximizing their value delivery to customers - while maintaining competitiveness and keeping the active, specific and valuable scorecard of strategic goals. Further exploration and research will indicate potential roadmap solutions and will enable to answer the question of – how to optimize resources, competence, and ability to execute digital transformation in parallel of building strong corporate identity and business strategy.

Keywords: corporate identity, digital transformation, management

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1002802

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