Construction of commander's visual model under long-term voyage

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Ning Li

Abstract: Long-term voyage ships have the characteristics of isolation and airtightness, 24-hour continuous duty, and being far away from the coastline. The long-term voyage state will have an impact on the visual ability of the commander, which in turn will have an impact on the cognitive performance in the process of human-computer interaction. As a result, the human-computer interaction tasks that can be completed under normal circumstances may not be completed under long-term voyage state. The existing researches have insufficient description of visual model under long-term voyage status. Therefore, based on the original EMMA visual model, this paper designs a visual parameter collection experiment under the 90-day long-term voyage state, selects 8 subjects for data collection of eye movement preparation time and eye movement saccade speed, constructs a commander's visual model under 90-day long-term voyage and analyses the reasons for the changes in the commander's visual parameters.

Keywords: Keywords:Emma Model, Eye Movement, Command and Control System, Human, Computer Interaction Design, Long, Term Voyage

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003599

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