Single-file movement experiments of male under the influence of rhythm

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Maoyu LiLizhong YangPing ZhangNan JiangXinmiao JiaHanchen Yu

Abstract: Reducing congestion to ensure people's safety has been widely concerned. Rhythm may be a potential way to adjust pedestrian flow. Considering that different gender groups may have different responses to rhythm, this study mainly conducted a series of single-file experiments on the effects of rhythm on male behavior. The distribution of speed mostly conform to a Gaussian distribution in different runs. The stop-and-go phenomenon appears when the density is beyond 1.35 ped/m. As the density increases, the frequency of long stop time becomes higher. The fundamental diagrams with rhythm are obtained. The boundary density between the free and constrained phases is 0.5 ped/m. When the density is 1 ped/m, the maximum flow rate 0.8 ped/s is reached. Meanwhile, the relationship between headway and individual velocity is fitted piecewise and two stages can be found. The findings can help to understand the movement characteristics of male under rhythmic influence.

Keywords: Single, file movement, Rhythm, Fundamental diagram, Stop, and, go behavior

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003618

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