The Power to be Seen: A Study on the Accessibility Design of Live Stream System for the Visually Impaired

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Jinbang TanRanran LiaoYifan DengFucong XuShaoping Guan

Abstract: The career discussion for the visually impaired has long been contentious in China, particularly as social technology advances. The interview result of Guangdong’s first blind mock streamer competition hosted by the Guangdong Association of the Blinds showed that exploring the possibility of live streaming for the visually impaired and enhancing the user experience and efficiency of the current live stream accessibility design is necessary. This study applied field study, roleplay action, and case studies as preliminary research to explore and reprioritize the challenges of streaming operations and experiences for visually impaired streamers. Finally, A-Live an all-in-one stream system with an auto-follow wind camera and accessibility UI design on TikTok was designed to allow the visually impaired complete live streaming independently.

Keywords: Live stream, Visually impaired, Accessibility design, User experience

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003589

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