Clothing and housing: Using materials with adaptable features can improve comfort and safety in emergency situations.

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Authors: Marlene CouceiroCristina Carvalho

Abstract: In this paper, we intend to present adaptable solutions to improve the safety and comfort of users during or after natural catastrophes (earthquakes, eruptions, floods, hurricanes, droughts) or man-made disasters (conflicts and war). We will explore several suggestions, which I will list below: new applications of signage and innovative materials, which allow a more efficient communication in an emergency situation; garments that become shelters, to minimize the negative impact caused by the destruction and loss of the victims' houses; thermochromic materials, reflectors and color used as warning signs, model partitions, lightweight structures, etc. Those are some examples of the features that enable temporary installations to be created in order to relieve human suffering. Conclusions: In this study, we present some versatile, adaptable, and ecological structures, which reflect the environmental and social changes in our western society. We have put together a series of solutions to create temporary shelter. Projects which are a response to the needs of today's world: contemporary nomadism and struggles in renting or buying a house, due to the rising cost of essential goods and the cost of living. The recent past has been marked by a series of unpredictable events: a pandemic, man-made disasters (Russian-Ukrainian War) and natural catastrophes (a heat wave that hit Europe and increased the risk of fire, heavy and persistent rain that caused floods, falling trees and the recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria). Different occurrences that have left several people homeless. When working in extreme conditions and with limited resources, the provision of a shelter can reduce vulnerability in social and economic terms, physical integrity and well-being. It has been found that the development of this type of product has advantages in terms of comfort, mobility, and safety, as it allows for a rapid adaptation and recovery.

Keywords: disaster zones, design, innovative materials, signage, mobile shelter, color

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003644

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