Inclusive Wardrobe - Touching and wearing different types of fabrics among visually impaired people.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Carla Costa PereiraSharma DeepshikhaCristina Carvalho

Abstract: Considering the sensory experience of the user as a clothing buyer and taking into account that the sense of touch is extremely important in the recognition of products by people with vision problems, this investigation aims to find out if touch is essentially a decisive buying factor. In this sense, and considering the practical work carried out among visually impaired people on the touch of the fabrics most used in everyday clothing, along with reviewing the existing literature on apparel user and consumer behaviour, this work may benefit the planning of a more inclusive wardrobe.

Keywords: Touch, User, visually impaired, Clothing, Wardrobe

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003645

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