Artistic Characteristics and Multi-value of Huayao Cross-stitch from the Perspective of Cultural Ecology

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Authors: Junchun ChenJian Peng

Abstract: Huayao cross-stitch is a traditional handicraft with distinctive regional characteristics in China. Aesthetically appealing with rich cultural implications, Huayao cross-stitch has been listed in the first national list of intangible cultural heritage of China since 2006. With the rapid development of cultural consumption globally, the innovative design and industrial transformation potential have made traditional handicrafts highly-valued resources, and the analysis of cultural representation and multi-value of traditional handicrafts is the basis of cultural reuse. From the perspective of cultural ecology, the current study aims to summarize the spatial organization mode of Huayao cross-stitch patterns and conduct a deep analysis of the concepts and beliefs represented in Huayao cross-stitch by examining 70 samples of cross-stitch skirt pieces collected from the composition and semantics of patterns. The study then analyzes the basis of multi-value of the Huayao cross-stitch from both aesthetic and cultural dimensions, providing a research basis for the innovation and regeneration of Huayao’s cross-stitch, through which its value can be seen in contemporary times as well as in the future.

Keywords: cultural ecology, Huayao cross, stitch, artistic characteristics, multi, value

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003643

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