A Bibliometric and Visual Analysis of autonomous vehicles-pedestrians interaction

Open Access
Conference Proceedings
Authors: Chaomin MaWanjia Zhang

Abstract: In order to clarify the relevant concepts and research development process of the interaction between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles, this paper is based on the literature on the topic of "Interaction between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles" in the Web of Science database, with the help of visual knowledge graph analysis tools CiteSpace and VOSviewer. A knowledge map with keywords, countries and journals as nodes, and a knowledge map for interactive research between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles were built. This paper clarifies the research progress, research hotspots and development trends in the field of human-computer interaction between pedestrians and autonomous vehicles, and reveals the key research directions of human-machine interface (eHMI) outside the vehicle. Combining traditional literature review and bibliometric research methods, it provides Researchers and practitioners provide more detailed information on research progress in the field of human-vehicle interaction.

Keywords: autonomous vehicles, information communication, eHMI, Bibliometrics

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003745

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