Motion analysis of drone pilot operations and drone flight trajectories

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Akihiko GotoNaoki SugiyamaTomoko Ota

Abstract: This study compares the piloting practices and drone flight trajectories of skilled and novice drone pilots. Markers for 3D movement analysis were attached to the fingers that move the control stick. Similarly, drones were also marked and the flight movement of the drones analyzed. These two sets of data were cross-checked to examine the characteristics of the subjects. As a result, the following results were obtained.・The expert pilot did not adjust the position of the object directly in front of the object to be photographed, but at a distance of about 90 mm in the lateral direction.・The expert moved the drone in both the first axis and the second axis directions

Keywords: Drone, motion analysis, Expert technique

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003749

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