Capacity building as an important key aspect to support countries' digitalization endeavours

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Authors: Ingrid PappelJosephine LusiNora HauptmannValentina StadnicMargus MägiDiana SangSherman Kong

Abstract: The digitalization of governments is a tremendously growing trend. One effective approach to managing digital transformation for the greater public good is to have government personnel who understand the technology, social ramifications, and legal frameworks that should be applied for the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. To this end, a robust capacity-building strategy is essential in preparing the leaders of tomorrow who will play a significant role in shaping the implementation of citizen-centric digital services in governments worldwide. Thus, this paper aims to suggest a framework for a capacity-building strategy that will support countries in their digitalization journey. The outcome of the research emphasizes the necessity of fostering a common understanding of the capacity-building process, which includes implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) and developing a skills matrix that promotes the acquisition of relevant competencies and skills, to ensure the successful and sustainable implementation of digital transformation projects.

Keywords: Capacity Building, Digitalization, e, governance, Digital Skills, Country Readiness, Country Capacity

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003889

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