A Conceptual Review of the Constraints to Global Competitiveness of the South African Automotive Industry

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: John M Ikome

Abstract: The South African automotive industry is a very important organisation that assist with the well being of the nation, as it contribute to the economic growth of the country and also creates employment for the citizens, this show that this organisation is a key industry for the nation and any constraint to it global competitiveness is of a major consent, that needs a holistic approach to identify the factors that prevent it from achieving the objectives and goals of global competitiveness, a well structured questionnaire was developed and administered in a number of selected South African automotive industry for data collection and according to the results, the political, economic, social, technological and environment has a major influence to the industry’s global competitiveness.

Keywords: Productivity, competitiveness, Automotive, Competitiveness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003891

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