Data Space Ecosystem Development

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Heikki RuohomaaVesa Salminen

Abstract: Societies are facing the huge change in its all sectors. Business drivers like; digital transformation and sustainability, are changing societies and all industries with increasing speed. The overflow of created data and technological opportunities are possible to turn managing by data solutions and business co-evolution.The efficient utilization of data is aimed at developing the data space with extensive EU-wide projects, European common data space development is on the programs, as GAIA-X, but there is also need for regional data space development.Domain-specific data spaces in Europe will not be implemented in a top-down approach. The European data space for a certain domain will materialize as the entirety of a variety of different bottom-up endeavors. (Otto et al (2021). Despite this fact, regional data space development work has been very limited. The objective of this article is to introduce the concept to increase knowledge and understanding by the development of regional data space.

Keywords: Data Space – Data Economy, Ecosystem, Circular business model – Double Trasition – Regional Development

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003879

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