Knowledge management capabilities in the intra-organizational environment

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Authors: Harsh ChauhanHenrijs Kalkis

Abstract: To thrive and survive in current economic environment organizations realize the importance of developing knowledge management capabilities. The emphasis is on creating in-house knowledge and its distribution to various departments and functionalities. To attain the self-sufficiency of becoming knowledge based organizations venture in creating internal knowledge capabilities, strategic external acquisitions, integration of knowledge acquired in organizational structure, formal and informal dissemination and retention practices. The dependency of the roles and responsibilities given on business administrators for enacting the process of managing knowledge determines the outcome of developing knowledge management capabilities. The literature review examines issues related with knowledge management capabilities from the perspective of intra-organizational environment. The research identifies the factors influencing knowledge management from creation till retention within organization. The research theoretically examines systematic evaluation of comprehensive literatures. Various scientific theories has been assessed and taken into consideration for developing the construct of paper. It includes the selection of empirical studies from recognized databases and journals. The papers collected have been reviewed methodologically. The concepts of literature review is based on the analysis of scientific discussions and contribution from renowned authors. The Integration of knowledge management capabilities in intra-organizational environment is bonded with the application of knowledge cycle.

Keywords: Intra, organizational environment, Knowledge management cycle, Knowledge management capabilities, Knowledge management process

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003898

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