Locating A Smart Manufacturing based on Supply Chain Segregation

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Janne HeilalaPawel Krolas

Abstract: The recent EMS 2021 small-scale pilot assessment in Finland covered a perspective for evaluating corporations' relocation activities, key enabling technologies, and organizational concepts. Relocation activities were reflected in off- or backshoring manufacturing or R&D. Depthness was taken by withdrawals from knowledge boundaries from the database content, which was combined with additive manufacturing and energy management systems. This is a representative study on the relocation factors, and what is outside scope is considered from the management human systems integrative angle of entry. The main research problem was can relocation activities be explained by the corporation's manufacturing key technologies and organizational concepts with cross-sectional indices of growth, manpower, and capital utilization. The response method was mixed in reviewing the EMS structural connections. The empirical finding content variables were bound with standardization and explaining scientific philosophy. As a result, the framework for relocation activities can explain firms' intentions over additive manufacturing and sustainable business. Conventionally selected literature sampling was used to identify likely supporting factors for the relocating activities. In conclusion, in terms of empirical findings, good politics, financing opportunities, and cooperation enable business growth and development.

Keywords: Human Systems Integration, Systems Engineering, Relocation Activities, Smart Systems

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003899

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