Development of Novel Technostress Instrument Among Education and Health Care Sectors

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kimmo VanniAntti SyvanenJarmo Viteli

Abstract: Digitalization of society and digital transformation of organizations have been the emerging trend during the last decade and recently the Covid-19 pandemic even promoted the use of digital technology. There are numerous benefits reported due to digitalization but also some challenges have been addressed. One challenge has been the emerging amount of technostress due to rapid change in utilizing digital tools and applications. There are some validated technostress instruments available but those are universal instruments meant for assessing any kind of technostress. However, the number of technostress instruments targeted for assessing perceived stress due to online work is still limited. We aimed to develop and validate a novel instrument for assessing technostress due to online meetings. We compared the validity of the novel instrument in terms of other well-known instruments among education and health care sectors. A large survey was conducted, and a number of respondents was 499. Data were handled by SPSS-28. Statistical analyses were done by Pearson correlations. Study showed that the novel instrument was easy to use and valid for assessing technostress. However, more research is needed for establishing its status as an acknowledged technostress instrument.

Keywords: Technostress, Digitalization, Assessment, Online work

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003905

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