Understanding the Challenges of Today’s Labor Market Service Provision in the EU

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Authors: Markko LiutkeviciusMarina WeckSadok Ben Yahia

Abstract: This paper explores the challenges of today’s labor market service provision in the EU, where, based on our expertise, insufficient scientific inquiry has been conducted. As there are many different focus points and factors to consider in the modern turbulent labor market, we identify the main challenges along with a list of existing scientific discussions. The central finding of the paper is that there is a lack of central collaboration between stakeholders and poor attention toward implementing changes required to meet labor market needs. We found that change management is insufficiently integrated into the service provision of the EU’s public employment services. This study contributes input for building an artificial intelligence-enabled virtual assistant to help serve the needs of labor markets and citizens.

Keywords: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Competency Assistant, Labor Market

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003880

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