The application of brand Narrative Theory to brand building in Creative cities: A case study of Nanjing

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Xu YangXin SunDandan Xie

Abstract: From the perspective of brand narrative theory, this study takes the city brand of Nanjing as an example to conduct a survey of online information, comprehensive use of big data collection, social network analysis and other methods to explore the internal characteristics of the brand of Nanjing City of Literature, build a visual knowledge map of big data, and clarify the overall narrative characteristics of the brand building achievements of Nanjing City of Literature at current period. In order to summarize and analyze the direction of the brand narrative strategy of Nanjing City of Literature, and finally put forward the strategy of applying narrative strategy to the construction of local city cultural brand, which provides a reference for basic research and decision-making basis for relevant policy formulation and research.

Keywords: Brand Narrative, Urban Brand, Creative City, Big data analysis, Social network analysis

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003907

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