Quantitative analysis and modeling of the factors that determine the quality of life in the city council of Chile

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Gonzalo RíosHanns De La Fuente-MellaNelson Lay

Abstract: This research try to determine what factors influence the well-being of various communities and city council in Chile, based on urban national life quality indicators, the above carried out for communes that are close to the threshold of 50,000 inhabitants, which represents close to 100 communes of the country, reaching approximately 80% of the population. To measure efficiency, an econometric model is developed with a series of variables that explain the levels of well-being, as well as to also find measures of significance and importance in the relationship structure, in order to understand the sensitivity of some factors in the national well-being and quality of life.

Keywords: quality of life, city council, management econometric modeling

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003910

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