QHS Methodology to innovate the Value Chain in the Supply Chain

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Rodolfo Martinez GutierrezJorge Vicente Villa Garcia

Abstract: In the foreign trade sector, the companies that make up the value chain; They make up its portfolio of services with customs agency, cross-border transport, merchandise warehouses and international logistics. The supply chain integrated by the implicit relationship of suppliers, companies and customers generates large areas of opportunity in the key phases of specialization, innovation and competitiveness in the management and administration of operations, strengthening the learning curve processes in each phase of the value chain in the different strategic sectors of international trade. The QHS Methodology represents a methodological intervention strategy for the analysis of the factors that determine the elements of innovation, systematization of competitiveness through the consolidation of regulatory operation management models, specialized talent management and competency certification mechanisms at each stage of the supply chain.

Keywords: QHS Methodology, Supply Chain, Value Chain, Sector Innovation, Competitiveness

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003951

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