Data-Based Creativity in Systemic Evolutionary Innovation

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Authors: Vesa SalminenJyrki PeltomaaJuha Varis

Abstract: Fast evolving business environment requires excellent innovation performance for the success and growth of organizations. Above all, creativity is a critical component in the competition. Analytical thinking and innovation, active learning and learning strategies and creativity are the main skills in continuous coevolution of businesses. All these skills are essential during the early phases of innovation. These skills give us a guidance in the pathway to growth – entrench the competitive advantages. A deep study reveals answers to early activities - pre-inventive actions open the way of innovation initiatives to growth. It is important really immerse us to explanations for origins of innovation.Ambitious growth objectives cannot be achieved without effective, dynamic and systematic innovation. The early activities – pre-inventive actions - are designed to be a valuable innovation assistance in the step-by-step evolutionary pathway to growth. This is a new value stream innovation paradigm. Challenges and insights emerge during the pathway.Data management is policies and procedures to effectively manage the information lifecycle needs. It means data collection, classification, validation, storing, protection, and processing during lifecycle from creation to deletion - the practice of collecting, keeping, and using data securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. This is a foundation for digitalization – mining for insights in company’s data.The amount of usable data in business environment and as big data is exponentially increasing. Technology opportunities are available to be used in data- analytics and in managing by data for the purpose of business co-evolution. The understanding of human factors inside self- organized teams during collective interpretation and imagination of future opportunities is becoming most important feature.The goal of this article is to identify and analyze futures thinking in innovation capability. The article attempts to develop evolutionary framework for data and event analytics in content management of fuzzy front end of innovation. An essential team performance is collective interpretation and imagination. That can be used in prospective innovation.This research is partly constructive, conceptual and analytical because it introduces data analytics progression framework in fuzzy front end of innovation.Data for this concept creation has been collected over several years on continuous flow of qualitative analysis of scientific articles and used methodologies in operative industrial environment. This can be seen as a type of applied science. Experiences and many results gathered during this analysis work can be used in sustainable development. These can be benefited in development work on data- based creativity, interpretation, innovation and foresight. A generic perception of this analysis work is that successful fuzzy front end of innovation needs structured data- analysis methodology and dynamic team performance to execute collective interpretation and imagination to serve as basis for common value creation in systemic and evolutionary innovation.

Keywords: Fuzzy Front End of Innovation – Data, analytics – Collective Interpretation– Creativity– Foresight

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003882

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