Spiral Innovation Automation and Team Cohesion

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Authors: Vesa SalminenMatti PyykkönenCarita Salminen

Abstract: The complexity of new innovation is dramatically increasing, and speed requirements of innovation phase are growing. New technology enables innovation opportunities in business environment. Speed requirements for innovation phase are growing. Knowledge and data is a valuable currency in the innovation phase and there is need for fast spiral innovation process. The role of human- oriented factors and understanding of human-technology interfaces is essential. Behavior culture of development teams requires better cohesion to manage self-organizing teamwork. The goal of this article is to identify and analyze team cohesion during spiral innovation automation, when innovation is made by a team of individual experts from various international and cultural backgrounds and with specialized competences. The article introduces an evolution framework for knowledge management in spiral innovation automation.From the many results and experiences gathered during this research, it appears that spiral innovation automation according to value driven approach with successful team cohesion is a long journey but will provide solutions for complex problems and situations.

Keywords: Spiral Innovation – Team Cohesion – Innovation Automation – Complexity– Rapid Intuition realization

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003884

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