Determination of preferences in auto glass selection process

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Kumru Didem AtalayYusuf Tansel Ic

Abstract: Glass is a solid material with an inorganic amorphous structure, prone to fracture, defined as transparent or translucent, and usually observed in a complicated form. In auto glasses, on the other hand, transparency, that is, light transmittance is directly proportional to the colour of the glass. In auto windows, the colour of the glass is of great importance because the driver's vision is crucial due to specific light transmission rules. However, the thickness of the auto glass characterized as durable also causes different preferences in terms of customer requests. In this study, we carried out to rank the customer preferences based on customer expectations using the sales data for three years in terms of the colour and thickness of auto glass. Within the scope of the study, we proposed a trapezoidal fuzzy number integrated fuzzy entropy and fuzzy TOPSIS model to rank the alternative auto glass. A case study is also presented for illustrative purposes.

Keywords: Auto Glass, MCDM, Trapezoidal Fuzzy Entropy, Trapezoidal Fuzzy TOPSIS

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003056

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