A Conceptualised Rescheduling Approach to Minimise Manufacturing Disruptions in the South African Automotive Industry.

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: John M IkomeOpeyeolu Timothy Laseinde

Abstract: Manufacturing organisations are very important industry globally as the goods that are produced and supply for fills the day to day demand of customers and any disruption within the manufacturing sub system, can be very detrimental to the organisation, as it will create a bottleneck that can put a constraint to the entire system and render it obsolete, particularly as observed from the South African automotive industry, using a number of productivity, reliability and failure techniques. According to the results, it shows that manufacturing disruption can be minimized if the proper reliability strategies and rescheduling models are put in place.

Keywords: Reliability, Productivity, Competitiveness, Disruption, Manufacturing

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003058

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