Analyzing The Effects of Human Resource Allocation and Learning by Experience on Project Management in Defense Industry

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Conference Proceedings
Authors: Baris KececiMelis Colak

Abstract: Activities that started using various resources and carried out to produce a product or service in a limited time are called projects. Process of delivering the project to an end with plans made to achieve project's goals in desired extent and time is called project management. Successful project management is becoming more important for competing companies. The project manager, who is responsible for execution of one or more projects, gains a lot of experience throughout the process and becomes more knowledgeable and skilled. The main purpose of this study is to reveal the effects of learning with experience and human resources allocation on multi-project management. Survey which is prepared to evaluate the sub-goals under the main purpose is applied online to the project managers who are working in institutions operating in defense industry in Ankara. Data obtained via the survey are analyzed by a statistical software. As a result, it’s found that the current knowledge of employees and their experience have a positive effect on managing projects. It’s been evaluated that there may be disruptions in customer relations and project management when human resource planning is insufficient and it’s important to consider the experience of employees to make allocations.

Keywords: Multi Project Management, Human Resource Allocation, Experience, Learning Curves

DOI: 10.54941/ahfe1003055

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